Who was who in 17th Century France

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  • Who was who in 17th Century France
    • Princes of the blood- relatives of the King who belonged to the Bourbon family
    • Noblesse de L'epee (Sword Nobles)- Fought for the King and performed administrative services for the crown
    • Noblesse de la robe (robe nobility)- Many were merchants who bought noble status, some received it as they were hereditary.
    • The First Estate- The clergy, they don't pay the Taille
    • The Second Estate- The nobility
    • The Third Estate - Other, peasants
    • Taille - A tax for people in North and South of France. Direct tax paid by 3rd estate
    • Gabelle - Salt tax, like the Taille
    • Estates-General -Parliament type feature made up of reps from all the estates. Had little political impact.
    • Provincial Estates - Burgandy, Daufine, Provenance, Langue Edoc, Normandy and Guyenne, and other regional parliaments


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