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Catriona Ashley Miller

Mary I
M became Queen July 1553 aged 37 - Eng.'s first crowned queen. Parliament passed Act declaring M had right to rule
as much as any previous K had done.

M has been adversely compared to E - E's propaganda designed to retract from past events…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Overview of Mary's reign

Date Marriage and Religion Society and Rebellion Foreign policy
succession economy
6th July E6 died at
10th July LJG proclaimed Q
at Tower.
3rd August M acclaimed Q in
London. LJG
imprisoned in
22nd N executed for
August treason.

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Catriona Ashley Miller

16th CV abdicated.
January P2 became K of
Sp and Neths.

18th March Sir Henry
arrested after
plot to place E
on throne.

21st March Cranmer burned at
stake in Oxford.
22nd March Pole consecrated
Septembe Worst harvest of
r century.
20th March…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

M had 3 main priorities: restoration of RCism; marriage and children to secure succession; war with Fr


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