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Catriona Ashley Miller
Mary I
M became Queen July 1553 aged 37 - Eng.'s first crowned queen. Parliament passed Act declaring M had right to rule
as much as any previous K had done.
M has been adversely compared to E - E's propaganda designed to retract from past events and was pro-Prot /
Mary's background
Born 1516, had own household 1519 onwards - own servants/expenses separate from parents. 1525 sent to Ludlow
but not as PoWales. Saw parents only occasionally, then brought back to home countries in 1528 with reduced
household. 1531 M had been betrothed to CV - increasingly dependent on him for advice regarding situation - CV
furious with H8.
1533 M refused to accept illegitimacy as result of marriage to AB - forced to live as part of E's household.
Movements restricted and denied access to mother, but received visits from CV's ambassador. Resisted Oath of
Supremacy until after death of CoA and only took it then due to threat of execution for high treason (1536).
She was restored to favour, so appeared at court more frequently. She lamented H8's inaction in finding her a
husband. 1543 place in succession settled - would become Q in event of E being childless.
Mary during the reign of Edward
Increasingly Prot programme advanced by S and Cranmer - M had to tread carefully. 1549 flouted introduction of
Prayer Book and prohibition of Mass by celebrating Mass in chapel at Kenninghall and publicly. 1550 fears for her
safety so CV's ambassador set up escape for her - came to nothing as M backed out.
1553 Devise for succession drawn up excluding M and E on grounds of illegitimacy - LJG to succeed. 10th July 1553 M
proclaimed herself Q in Norfolk and demanded/secured allegiance of Council - resulted in end to plot and N's arrest.
Mary's policy agenda
Convince the old Privy Chamber of her right to be queen
Restore the Catholic religion
M was pious RC who saw it as God-given duty to save souls of Eng. people who had been hijacked by
Protism. M determined to bring Eng. back to papal fold by restoring Pope as head of Church, rather than
Marry and have children
Ensuring smooth uncontroversial succession from one monarch to next (preferably with son) was essential.
For M, having own children was given added importance by desire to consolidate RC revival after her death.
Choose Privy Councillors
Decide how to deal with Northumberland and his supporters
Defend Calais and Guisnes - the only territory in France still held by the English
Look after her health
Bolster her security
Restore her legitimacy - she and her half-sister Elizabeth had been declared illegitimate by royal patent on
21st June 1553

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Catriona Ashley Miller
Overview of Mary's reign
Date Marriage and Religion Society and Rebellion Foreign policy
succession economy
6th July E6 died at
10th July LJG proclaimed Q
at Tower.
3rd August M acclaimed Q in
London. LJG
imprisoned in
22nd N executed for
August treason.
14th Cranmer arrested.
r M's coronation.
1st M informed
October Commons she
16th would marry P2.
November M dissolved M relinquished title
Parliament after it `Supreme Head of the
5th passed Act English Church'.…read more

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Catriona Ashley Miller
16th CV abdicated.
January P2 became K of
Sp and Neths.
18th March Sir Henry
arrested after
plot to place E
on throne.
21st March Cranmer burned at
stake in Oxford.
22nd March Pole consecrated
Septembe Worst harvest of
r century.
20th March P2 returned to Eng.
(departed again in
June Cardinal Pole recalled
to Rome to face
heresy charges; M
refused to let him go.
July Widespread
dearth / sickness
in Eng.…read more

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Catriona Ashley Miller
M had 3 main priorities: restoration of RCism; marriage and children to secure succession; war with Fr…read more


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