Who Was to blame for the cold War?

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  • Who was to blame for the Cold War?
    • Western Historians think Stalin
      • Ideology drove hime to expand communsim
      • Yalta agreemeants Broken.
      • He set up COMECON in response to Marshall aid offered to Western Europe
      • Cominform was set up to make sure eastern European countries would follow the soviet union(satalite countries
      • Stalin wanted Security for the Soviet Union.
        • Stalin did not trust the west
          • In the Russian Civil War Br went against communism.
          • !930's, Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy seemed to be encouraging Nazi empire into the soviet union.
    • Revisionists Blame USA
      • Marshall Aid was seen as selfless but also they thought communism thrived in poverty.
        • Marshal Aid could be seen as an attempt to increase western influence by involving themselves with European governments.
      • The use of the nuclear bomb against Japan sparked Stalin to see US as being agressive
    • Winston Churchill
      • The iron curtain speec. Asked US not to appease Soviet Union


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