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  • Who was to blame for starting the Cold War, the USA or the USSR?
    • USA
      • The west was suspicious of Soviet intentions in Eastern Europe - Stalin had removed non-communists leaders in Poland
        • They responded with the Truman Doctrine and Marshall aid which was to help the vulnerable European economy suffering from the after effectd of WW1 - the UUSR saw this as a threat
      • Truman was highly suspicious of Stalin's motives - much less trusting than Roosevelt
      • The western allies accused Stalin of breaking agreements over Germany
      • The western allies wanted Germany to recover - a barrier against Communism
      • The USA interpreted the Soviet takeover of eastern Europe as the start of spreading communism around the world
      • European countries set up
    • USSR
      • Stalin refused to reduce the size of the Red army
      • Wanted  a weak Germany
      • Stalin was annoyed with the USA because Truman had not informed him of the use of the atomic bomb on Japan
        • Stalin was convinced the US would use the bomb to gain world-wide power and so started work on producing one - this caused the USA to feel threatened
      • Stalin refused to allow Soviet controlled countries to accept aid as he thought the real purpose was for the USA to build up friendships with European countries
      • The atom bomb encouraged Stalin to rush through the Soviet response and the arms race had started
    • BOTH
      • Both sides followed different ideas
      • They did not trust eachother
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