February Revolution

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Step One: The Effect of the War on Soldiers

  • After Tannenberg and the Mazurian Lakes, it seems as though there is no hope left.
  • Low morale: supply shortage, weapon shortage, high desertion rate (twenty-five percent at times!) as well as no medical care, high fatality rate (greater than a million fatalities), miscommunications!
  • Complete, utter chaos.

Step Two: The Effect of the War on Cities

  • Peasants have joined the army, so there is nobody to cultivate food and the city is starving
  • Poverty and unemployment everywhere as jobs in factories are lost, because there's no money to pay the people
  • The sale of vodka is banned
  • Massive inflation
  • Industrial materials are short: cold, hunger

Step Three: Tsarina's in Charge

  • September 1915: The Tsar goes to handle affairs and boost morale at the warfront
  • He hands power to the Tsarina, the closest relative
  • BIG MISTAKE, as incompetent to rule, she has massive faith in Rasputin for healing her son
  • Rasputin replaces competent ministers with men of his own; yes-men, essentially
  • Rumours are rampant about his relationship with the Tsarina
  • Morale in the cities falls, because people think the Tsarina is supporting the other side and purposely making…


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