What was the influence of FDR?

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  • what was the influence of Roosevelt?
    • Shaped American presidency
      • Built relationship with public
        • fireside chats
      • president duties grew, a drafter of policy as well as an implementor
        • Republicans criticised this, compared him to a dictator
          • Supreme court ruled his laws unconstitutional - AAA and NRA
      • White house staff for domestic and foreign policy
        • Executive Reorganisation Bill 1939
    • helped combat depression
      • Alphabet agencies - relief and recovery in first 100days
        • stabilise banking
        • Civil works administration provide temporary work for 4million
      • Banking Act closed banks for 3 days 1933
      • Fastest period of GDP growth in US history
      • failiues
        • AAA southern farmers suffered
        • unemployment never went below 14%
      • second term focus on reform
    • led to 'big government'
      • government no longer laissez faire
      • 1933 tried to help rural and agricultural US
        • price support and development programs
          • 1935 financial aid to aged, infirm and unemployed
      • activist fiscal policy 1937
        • fair labour standards act 1938
    • allied victory in WW2
      • Understood Germany and Japan threaten America
      • fireside chats assured public US would stay neutral
      • supplied allies with good
        • lend lease to Britiain
      • 1941 rallied support for war
      • became more interventionalist
        • became superpower


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