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  • Weather
    • Weather: the day to day conditions of the atmosphere
      • Climate: the conditions of the air around us
    • A sunshine recorder records the amount of sunshine in 24 hours
      • Suns rays pass through a glass sphere and burn a black piece of heat sensitive card
      • They need to be located of the ground facing south in direct sun light
    • Wind dial shows wind direction by the way the arrow is pointing
      • Located on the top of buildings so the arrow can move freely in any direction the wind is blowing
    • A rain gauge measures precipitation. It falls into a metal cylinder into a collecting bottle. Then tipped into a measuring cylinder
      • Has to be located in an open space away from trees and buildings also in a area of stable ground
    • It forces the cups to rotate and they are connected to a meter and converts rotation into wind speed
      • Located onto of buildings so aren't tampered or affected by other things
    • A hygrometer contains 2 ordinary thermometers. The wet bulb contains a wet muslin to keep it damp. The bubble on the right is the dry bulb
      • Muslin cools causing mercury to expand and dry bulb records actual air temperature
        • If air is saturated both thermometer show the same. But if different the difference shows relative humidity. Small difference is high RH and visa versa.
    • A sixes thermometer measures the maximum and minimum temp. When the temperature rises the alcohol in minimum thermometer on left expands.
      • Pushes metal index down and forces mercury up right hand tube. When temperature falls alcohol contracts causing mercury to flow in opposite direction
        • It is all reset using a magnet
    • A stevenson screen is simple a box painted white to reflect sunlight. It has slatted sides which allow a free flow of air to reach the instruments but at the same time protect them from direct sunlight.
      • It should stand about 1m above the ground and well away from trees & buildings that might influence the temperatures recorded.
        • Contains a maximum minimum thermometer, a hygrometer and a barometer
    • Clouds are found within the tropopause or at least 16km. Measured in oktas
      • Clouds found nearest to the ground are nimbostratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratus, stratocumulusaltostratus, altocumulus, cirrostratus, cirrocumulus, cirrus
  • An isotherm is a line on a map that joins places with equal temperature. An isoyet is a line on a map that joins up places with equal temp. An isobar is a  line on a map that joins up places with equal pressure


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