Geography Weathering and Erosion

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Weathering                                      The decay and disintegration of rocks in situ, involving physical, chemical and biological processes, resulting from the conditions in the atmosphere.

Erosion                                              The wearing away and removal of rock and weathered debris by running water, glaciers, waves in the sea and the wind.


biological weathering,                     When rocks at the Earth’s surface are broken down and plant or animal matter plays an important part.

chemical weathering,                            When minerals in the rocks at the Earth’s surface are broken down by chemical reactions, causing the rock to disintegrate.

Physical weathering,                        The breakdown of rocks at the Earth’s surface, involving changes in temperature.



carbonation,                                      The process of chemical weathering where calcium carbonate in limestone is attacked by carbonic acid produced in rainwater.

carbonic acid,                                       A naturally occurring weak acid, formed when carbon dioxide in the air is dissolved in


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