Rocks and Resources

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Rock Types

  • Igneous Rock- rocks formed from the cooling of molten magma.
  • Sedimentary Rock-most commonly, rocks formed from the accumulation of sediment on the sea floor.
  • Metamorphic Rock- rocks that have undegone a change in their chemistry and texture as a result of heating or pressure.


Weathering- the disintegration or decay of rock in situ. It is the breakdown or alteration of material at or near the earth's surface to protects that are more in equalibrium with newly-imposed physical and chemical conditions.

Erroison- is the wearing down and removal of rock by moving agents.

Types of Weathering

Mechanical weathering known as physical weathering, breakup of rock without chemical changes.

  • Freeze-thaw weathering, the action of water as it freezes and thaws in a crack or hole in rock.
  • Exfoliation- flacking of the outer surface rocks mainly caused by recycled cycle of hot and cold.

Chemical Weathering involves a chemical change taking place.

  • Solution when some minerals and rocks dissolve in rain
  • Carbonation involves weathering of limestone and chalk by acidic rainwater.


  • Granite is a tough rock rsistant to the processes of weathering and erroison
  • Igneous
  • They contain joints which are cracks that may run vertically or horizontally through rock. 
  • Granite is an Impermable rock, that means that it doesn't let water pass through it.
  • It makes a outcrop of rock…


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