Islamic Wealth and Poverty

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  • Wealth and Poverty
    • What are the causes?
      • War
      • Unfair trade
      • Being born into debt
      • Natural Disasters
      • Lack of Education
    • Why might a Muslim give to the poor?
      • The Qur’an encourages you to share your wealth with others.
      • One of the pillars of Islam is Zakat. It is a duty to give 2.5% to the poor once a year.
      • Muhammad (pbuh) did this.  He encouraged people to help those in need.
      • Allah is always watching.  Your good deeds will be rewarded.
      • “He is not a true Muslims who eats his fill while his neighbour is hungry.”
    • Why do Muslims teach about the use of money?
      • Wealth is a test from Allah.  God is watching how you use your money.
      • Muslims should take care of their own families first and then help others.
      • Zakat that involves sharing money once a year with those in need.
      • It is wrong to charge interest as this enables the rich to take advantage of the poor.
      • Money should be used responsibly not on drugs or gambling.
      • “O you who believe, do not charge people interest (riba) , doubling and quadrupling your money”
    • How might Islamic belief affect choice of career?
      • Gambling is haram. No jobs that involve gambling or making things involved with this.
      • Charging interest is haram.  This enables the rich to take extra from the poor. No jobs in banks.
      • Alcohol and smoking is haram.  No jobs involving selling or making these products
      • Helpful jobs that care for others are halal eg. Doctor, Nurse, teacher, Vet, Lawyer, Postman.
      • Jobs that care for the environment and Allah’s world is halal, eg. Gardner, environmentalist, Politician.
      • “Allah has created you and your handiwork.”


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