Government influence on the media

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  • Ways the government influence media output
    • Government press- conference
      • A meeting purposely made so that the press can gather information for the media
    • Leaks and off-the-record briefings
      • Leaks are information that it has yet legally been released but the media use it
      • Off-the-record briefings can mean that whatever the media is told can be reported so long as the person who it is not identified
    • Spin Doctors
      • A person who is paid to give a positive interpretation of events (politically) to the media
    • Refusal of broadcasting licence to those who deem unfit
      • The refuse a broadcasting licence (people who speak on the radio) to people that seem suspicious and may give false information
    • Filtering online content
      • There may be a refusal to the use of some sites and software which are withdrawn. Google was withdrawn from china in 2010
    • Electronic surveillance of emails, websites and phone calls
      • The government would monitor media use of individuals making sure they wouldn't speak out against them
      • 2014, a new law passed allowing the police to scrutinise public email, effecting peoples willingness to communicate freely


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