WaterAid Contexts

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  • WaterAid: Contexts
    • Historical, Social and Cultural Context
      • 1985 Live Aid is first global charity event aiming to raise funds of relief of ongoing famine in Ethiopia
        • Comic Relief telethon is launched by Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry in 1985 with initial famine relief aim
          • This goes on to raise over £1bn for charitable causes across Africa and UK
    • Political and Economic Context
      • WaterAid: nongovernmental organisation working to improve access to clean water in developing countries
        • The positive results of this are shown in ad, but more work is required (650m still don't have access to clean water)
      • The comment that 'WaterAid receives 100% of donations' is significant in relation to recent concerns about how much money donated to charities goes to actual cause
        • This is an ongoing aim, WaterAid aren't responding to a specific incident


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