Demonstrate your understanding of the concept of representation in regards to the WaterAid advert


The Wateraid charity was established in 1981 as a response to United Nations campaigning for clean water, sanitation and hygiene education. They work with organisations in 37 African, Asian and central American countries. The advert perhaps shows a 16 year old student, Claudia from Zambia. They aim to portray how communities benefit from clean and safe water. There are many different camera shots used in this audio visual advert. For instance, the middle close up shots suggests emotion. The use of low tracking shot which follows Claudia as she collects water makes the audience sense Claudia's POV and struggle to collect water, allowing them to also empathise with her. It also creates enigma to make the audience want to know who is walking. Suspense is created through enigma, by using a slow motion low tracking shot. The use of a close up shot aims to identify the girl to the target audience. Compared to other chairty adverts, here they have used only one person which is heavily is solely focused on them. Here they have identified her as an individual with a personal human story. A technique that can help empathise with the wider audience.This has also been done to show the audience what difference it is making to that one person. The audience can aslo understand her, making the advert more memorable. They use Caludia as one of the examples of how the people are like in her village. This can be shown at the end when it says 'give £3 today and help reach more…


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