water quality reuirements 2

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  • Water quality requirements. 2
    • Chlorine retension
      • Chlorine is added to water to keep it sterile.
      • other materials present in water and the pipe's wall itself may react with chlorine and reduce concentration.
      • It may be neccessary to add more chlorine or use chloramines, which gradually releases more chlorine
    • E. coli abundance
      • Sewage contamination of water could cause the spread of many serious diseases caused by pathogens e.g. cholera and tyhoid, but bacteria that causes these are uncommon, so testing for them would not prove there is no sewage present.
      • E. coli is a very common gut bacterium and is always present if seage contamination has occured, whether or not there are disease-causing pathogens present.
      • The 'coliform count' is a measure of the number of bacteria similar to E. coli that are present per litre of water. For potable water to coliform count should be 0.


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