Water conservation

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Water conservation and managment

better use of water resources achieved in several ways:

  • increase total amount of water available for use
  • distribute water more effectively
  • use water more efficiently

Increasing availability of water

Increased abstraction

  • availability of water increased by abstracting more river water, groundwater or seawater and by building storage reservoirs
  • small scale collection may reduce demand for public supplies e.g. collecting rainwater for garden use or low quality uses such as flushing toliets 
  • Increased abstraction limited by amount of water that is available or by energy and finacial costs of purification 

Catchment management

catchment management can make the available water supplies more usable

  • reservoirs used to maintain river water levels in times of low natural flow and to store water during periods of flood risk
  • prevention of pollution upstream of water abstraction points reduces amount of water that is too polluted to use + makes purification easier

Aquifer recharge

  • partially depleted aquifers can be recharged during periods of surplus surface water
  • water from river Thames pumped…


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