Water quality requirments

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  • Water Quality Requirements. 1
    • Turbidity
      • suspended solids must be removed becuase they give water an unpleasant appearance and taste and settling of suspended solids would block pipes
      • Concentration expressed as TSS (total suspended slids)
    • pH
      • If water is too acidic it can dissolve copper pipes.
      • If pH too high/low can make water taste unpleasant
      • Ideal range = pH 6.5-8.5)
    • Calcium
      • Dissolved calcium ions make water 'harder'.
      • Hard water is good for health as it can reduce tooth decay/heart disease
      • But can react with soap and produce solid limescale if water is heated
    • Pesticide concentration
      • All pesticides are toxic, but not to humans.
      • water should be treated to remove all pesticides
    • Heavy metal concentrations
      • Heavy metals e.g. lead/mercury can damage nervous sytem, but low concentrations cause no damage
    • Dissolved O2
      • low dissolved O2 levels can make water smell musty or of hydrogen sulfide.
      • Some toxic metals are more soluble in water with a low dissolved oxygen content.


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