loss and memory

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  • Loss and Memory
    • Joe believes, ironically, Larry was more willing to let slide small things that help business turn a profit
      • "That was the boy we lost. Larry"
    • Larry's death reminds characters about the war, especially Joe
      • "that's what war does. I had two sons, now I got one"
    • Ann loses Larry and her dad, George is reminded of his loss of Lydia and Jim knows his loss by marrying Sue
      • "never count you husbands money"
    • Characters wish to 'put the war behind them' but by the end this desire has unravelled; Chris loses respect for J, J kills himself and Kate loses a husband
      • "I never saw you as a man. I saw you as my father"
    • At the end of the play all lose hope Larry is still alive.
      • "Live"


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