Views on the environment

This mindmap shows the views of the environment

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  • Views on the environment
    • Stewardship entails the recognition that humans do not own the world but are entrusted by God with its care
      • This means maintaining the world as God would wish taking into account the needs of those in LEDC's
    • Justice entails fair treatment, i.e. humans must conserve the world, those living in the LEDC's have to use its resources wisely
      • With the interests and rights of both those in LEDC's and future generations in mind
    • In 1986 Christian leaders of all denominations issued a set of statements that formed the Assisi Declarations
    • Respect for life means recognising that everyone and everything in the world is part of God's creation, valued by him and to be treated accordingly
    • Major Aid agencies are involved with environmental issues because of the link with global poverty, and there are many Christian environmental agencies
    • Many churches are becoming Eco-friendly, with strict policies on use of energy
    • Christians acknowledge God as the creator in Harvest Festival services
    • Humans have great power, which must be used responsibly
    • The concept of sanctity of life extends beyond humans


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