Religious studies (Our world)

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How religious believers care for the planet

Religious believers can help care for the environment by supporting charities that help the environment.

Jews support the Noah Project which helps to promote care for the environment.

Christians can support Rocha which is an environment and conservation movement.

Consume less resources.

You can use you talents to help educate people about caring for environment. Everything is interdependent so driving a species to extinction will eventually harm us

. Cafod put pressure on the government and industry to thinking more about abusing the planet. 

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What is the creation story?

God made the earth in 6 days.

In the 1st 2 days he made the skies and light.

During the next 2 days he made the environment (tree and ish), sun and moon.

On day 5 he filled the sky and c with living things. On the 6th day he made humans in his image; imago dei who have a special relationship with him. Adam was the 1st man whom god blew the breathe of life into. Adam was lonely so god mad eve form Adams rib.

Adam and eve disobeyed god so they were banished this is known as the first sin

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What does Christianity teach about the treatment o

Animals come below humans- dominion 'all animals.. are placed under the power of you' ,

don’t have souls but we should treat them wth compassion as they are part of god creation

they accept viuvisection as long as it brings a benefit to human lives

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What does Judaism teach about the treatment of ani

Judaism teaches that it is acceptable to harm animals if that is the only way to fulfil an essential human need. For this reason a Jewish person might believe it is acceptable to eat animals.

Animals were sacrifices.

Jews should avoid tzar baalei chayim causing pain to the living

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Non literal interpretation of genesis

Some Liberal Christians and reform Jews view genesis as a parable and a symbolic description of a more gradual evolution.

Days- periods of time so the world could have created in the time science says it did 

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