MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY sex outside of marriage

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  • religion and life MARRIAGE AND FAMILY sex outside marriage
    • christian views
      • adultery banned in 10 commandments
      • sex is to procreate and sex outside of a marriage is not a good environment to bring a child into
      • the bible forbids pre-marital sex so doing this is going against God and his wishes
      • some protestants accept cohabitation if the couple are preparing to marry
      • can lead to further problems e.g. STDS
    • muslim views
      • qur'an condemns it and so doing so it goes against Allah: lessening the chances of paradise as you are seen as inpure.
      • family is the most important part of Muslim life and to have a child out of wedlock does not set a good example for the children and it is the wrong environment
      • sex is a gist from allah to be able to procreate for him, to have sex without intention of a child and out of wedlock not only abuses allahs kindness but shows you do not follow the shari'ah law.


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