Views on Fertility Treatment and Surrogacy

This mindmap shows the roman catholic and protestant views on fertility treatments and surrogacy.

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  • Views on fertility treatment and surrogacy
    • Roman Catholic Views
      • A child is a gift from God, not a right or a commodity to be ordered
        • Infertility is distressing, but there is the possibility of adoption or fostering.
      • All forms of fertility treatment intefere
        • ...with nature by separating the unitive from the procreative aspect of a sexual relationship
        • ....and they also involve masturbation, which is seen as unnatural and therefore sinful
      • The use of a donated sperm is described as a form of 'mechanical' adultery
        • It brings a third party into the relationship and it may cause social and psychological problems later
      • The creation of spare embryos with the possibility   of being researched on and destroyed disregards the sanctity of life and is murder
      • Surrogacy is seen as reducing the mysterious and wonderful process of conception to what has been called a barnyard procedure
    • Protestant views
      • Most protestants see most forms as a responsible use by doctors of the skills given to them by God
      • It is an act of compassion, fulfilling the command to 'love your neighbour' as infertility is a great source of great and lasting distress to couples
        • Children are a blessing and enrich a marriage and are what God intended at creation
      • It is not interfering with nature, but is putting faulty nature right
      • Many Protestants share the same views as Roman Catholics about the possibility of problems from a donated sperm.
        • Therefore are opposed to AID and IVF that uses donor sperm
      • Some however see sperm donation as another form of fertilisation, an act of love
        • This is as long as the donors are not paid
      • Many accept the use of spare embryos for research as they are not used after 14 days and the research  as they are not used after 14 days and the research is only for very serious reasons
        • At that early stage the embryo is a potential human being whose rights develop with greater maturity so,  although it should be treated with respect, it does not have the absolute right to life
      • Some take the same view on embryonic research as that of the Roman Catholic church
      • Most Christians oppose commercialisation of human life and problems which may arise
        • The Anglican church has stated its opposition to it
      • Some accept surrogacy in certain situations as an act of self-sacrificial love and compassion on the part of the surrogate
  • Therefore are opposed to AID and IVF that uses donor sperm


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