Modern Ways of Having Children

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General Information

  • Most People want to be a parent , However one in six couples in the UK suffer from infertility, this causes a vast amount of sadness
  • In the UK 30,000 couples recieve fertility treatment each year, there is only a 20% success rate and this treatment often can cost around £3.000 per set.
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Types of Fertility Treatments

There are four main types of fertility treatments:

  • AIH - Artificial insemination by the husband
  • AID - Artificial insemination by a donor (some religions see this as adultery)
  • IVF (In vitro fertilisation) - this is used when a women is infertile or doesn't produce many eggs
  • Surrogacy - Where a women is inserted with the embryo ,that has been fertilised, for another couple
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There are many concerns about the use of fertility treatments including:

  • Cost effect , is it a matter of money?
  • Should women be allowed to have children using the sperm from a dead partner
  • At what age is someone too old for treatment?
  • Who should be allowed IVF?
  • Should homosexual couples be allowed to take advantage of fertility treatments?
  • What happens to the embryos that are not used?
  • Should parents who are disabled be allowed to have children?
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Christian Views

Some Christians,(especially Roman Catholics) say it's wrong beacuse :

  • If God intended the couple to have children then it would happen naturally
  • Only God can create life. People should not mess with it
  • Some of these methods allow for donor eggs or sperm. This is wrong as children should be the product of a marriage. This is introducing a third person and can be classed by some as adultery, which is a sin

Other christians think:

  • Fertility treatment is acceptable, they say God has given people the technology to be able do this, so we should use it.
  • Some say it's a great kindness to help people to have children, so we should do it.
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