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Medical help given to infertile couples…read more

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AID: Artificial insemination by donor
AIH: Artificial insemination by husband
Surrogacy: When a woman carries a
baby for an infertile couple
tube babies…read more

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Why might a couple need
Blocked fallopian tubes- eggs cannot
reach uterus and therefore can't reach
sperm (IVF used)
Male might be infertile ( sperm unable to
fertilise egg) ( AID used)
AID and surrogacy for same sex couples
Carrying of genetic diseases which you
don't wish to pass on ( IVF and AID)…read more

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Why Christians oppose
Fertility treatment
Immoral- you are interfering in God's plan
(Psalm 139) `all days ordained for me were
written in your book before you came to be'
God has better plans for you ( 1Samuel1:5)
` God will not allow Hanna to have a baby
until he decides it is the right time
Extra embryos created that are destroyed-
`Do not murder', Life begins at conception
AID and surrogacy brings a third person
into the relationship which goes against the
commandment ` Do not commit adultery'…read more

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Why Christians oppose
Fertility treatment
We are playing God
It can lead to `designer babies'- we choose
hair colour, eye colour, skin colour etc-
(Genesis1:27) `God created man in his own
image'- this would not be the case in
fertility treatment
If IVF treatment doesn't work, it can cause
If it's only one partner's sperm/egg it can
cause marital problems…read more

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Why some Christians accept
Fertility treatment
Allows people to use their skills and
show compassion by donating their egg
or sperm
(Genesis 1) ` be fruitful and increase in
number'- Bringing life into the world
(Matthew 7) `Do unto others what you
want to be done to you'- Brings
happiness into lives
Can bring couples closer together
through having a child
Prevention of genetic disorders being…read more

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Preview of page 7


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