Views on Euthanasia

This mind map shows the view of euthanasia by the church in general and some individual Christians

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  • Views on Euthanasia
    • Christian churches
      • Totally opposed to all forms of active  euthanasia
      • God gave life and only he has the right to take it
        • Euthanasia is playing God
      • The body is a 'temple of the Holy Spirit' and is so sacred
        • 1 Corinthians 6:19
      • It breaks the commandment do not murder
      • God's gift of power of responsible decision making, i.e. self determination, has limits
        • It does not include taking one's life, as that is not responsible stewardship
      • It shows a lack of trust in God's love, compassion and mercy
      • It makes judgments about someone's value and quality of life that are not for humans to make
        • In God's eyes all humans are of equal value, whatever their circumstances
      • It deprives vulnerable people of protection and of abuse
      • It leads to the slippery slope that might first permit voluntary euthanasia, then non voluntary euthanasia and maybe involuntary euthanasia
    • Individual Christians
      • Life is sacred and should normally be preserved, but not at all costs
      • Quality of life is more important than biological existence
        • Death is preferable to a miserable existence
          • As stated in Ecclesiastes
      • Go would not want people to undergo intolerable  suffering or complete loss of dignity
        • This is not what it means to be 'in God's image'
      • Euthanasia may be the most compassionate option, especially in those cases where pain cannot be relieved and where the person is totally dependent for everything on others
      • Death is easier to come to terms with and face if the fear of intolerable suffering is removed


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