Alternate Christian views on euthanasia

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  • Alternate Christian views on euthanasia
    • Some Christians oppose all types of euthanasia
      • They do not allow the switching off of life support machine or giving large amount of painkillers
      • This is because:
        • The Bible bans suicide. Assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia are types of suicide
        • They believe switching off life support machines and giving amounts of painkillers as euthanasia
        • Humans are deciding to end life not God
        • Euthanasia is murder
        • Sanctity of life
    • Few Christians (mainly liberal protestants) accept limited euthanasia
      • Modern medical science means that it is difficult to be sure what God's wishes about a person's death are
      • Teaching of Jesus loving your neighbour and helping people in trouble could be used to justify assisting suicide
      • Living wills give people a chance to be in control of what doctors are doing to them. This is a basic human right


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