suicide and euthanasia

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Reasons for Euthanasia


  • People should be allowed to die with dignity and without pain.
  • The quality of the persons life must be considered.
  • The voluntary euthanasia society.


  • Religious opponents say that life is a gift from god and only god can truly end life.
  • People might be killed who don't want to die, so it isn't fair for some people to  end life as a way out of pain.
  • A persons life can be ended with dignity is a hospice.

Is suicide the same as euthanasia?

  • Some ways related
  • Both concern people's choices of how and when a human life should end.
  • The main difference is that euthanasia involves more than 1 person, there is someone else to provide the means of the death.

2 types of Euthanasia:

  • Voluntary euthanasia- when someone chooses to end their life and ask for help in doing so. This is often called assisted suicide.
  • Involuntary euthanasia- when other people decide to end a persons life,


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