Religious views on euthanasia

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  • Religious views on euthanasia
    • Islam
      • Euthanasia is Haram as Allah is the only one that should decide when someone should die.
      • Do not take life, which Allah made sacred, other than in the course of justice. -Qur'an 17:33
      • Suffering is part of a human's development and it wlill be made up on Judgement Day when you die.
    • Christianity
      • Suffering is a test from God and a necessity of life. It will be rewarded in Heaven but Euthanasia is an escape from that test.
      • Thou shalt not kill. -Exodus 20:13
    • Buddhism
      • Less clear views on euthanasia, however are still against it as it is harmful
    • Judaism
      • Euthanasia is wrong and patience on suffering will be rewarded in the afyer life


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