Views on Crime and Punishment

This mindmap shows the views on crime and punishment

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  • Views on Crime and Punishment
    • This does not apply if it does not comply with God's will as revealed in the bible, the teachings of church and conscience
    • Offenders should have the chance to start again and victims should be helped to move on and not feel anger
    • Christians believe that the law gives stability to society and should always be obeyed
    • For most Christians, reformation is the most important aim of punishment
    • Jesus said 'Give to Caesar what belongs to him and to God what belongs to him'
    • Punishment should always go hand in hand with forgiveness
    • Christians accept that punishment may be needed to ensure that justice is carried out
    • It is also to enable offenders to realise the hurt they have caused and to come to terms with it
    • The Church also gives practical help to offenders who want to makes a fresh start and lead a new life
    • Prisons have chaplains to celebrate mass and other sacraments and to give support
    • The SVP helps offenders and their families, and some Christian employers are willing to give ex-offenders jobs


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