RE short course morality crime and punishment notes

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Christain views

  • " a man reaps what he sows"- if a person does wrong they shall have to bear the consequences of their behavior
  • "an eye for an eye" whatever a person does to someone they should have it done back to them as a punishment
  • "love your neighbour"
  • " if your brother sins rebuke him, and if he repents forgive him" Jesus taight that we should forgive others if they do wrong.
  • "treat others how you will like to be treated"

Islam views

  • " allah commands that you judge with justice"- muslims have duty to ensure that criminals are punished accordinly for their sins.
  • " a life for a life" whatever someone has done they should have it done back to them as a punishment
  • "a thief shall have his hands cut off as a punishment" crinimals should be treated harshly to act as deterrence.

causes of crime

  • social reasons such as unemployment or no qualifications so they have to commit crime to get money
  • enviromental reasons such as times of high unemployment and becoming gang members to feel part of something
  • psycological reasons such as drug addictions to pay for their habbit, human nature is naturally greedy, mental illness such as pyromania which causes people to set fire to bulidings

types of crime

  • Non-indictable less serious crimes
  • crimes against the person- **** murder
  • crimes against property- theft, vandalism, fraud
  • crimes against the state- terrorism treason
  • religious offences- against rules of a religion, breaking them seen as sin against God blasphemy. not against UK law but religious leaders see blasphemy…


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