4.3.4 - Working with ICT - Video Conferencing

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  • Video Conferencing
    • Organisation
      • Disadvantages
        • Actual meetings away from home often include social elements which can help the understanding between people, helping further deals
        • Not as effective as being in the same room
        • Harder to pass round models or documents for discussion
        • Hardware maintenance and set-up will need some expertise
      • Advantages
        • The costs of hardware can be considerable but are paid for by savings from several trips not made
        • Short meetings can be held frequently - there is no need to wait to make a visit
        • The element of body language can turn a telephone conversation into a more useful meeting
        • Employees can do more work if they're spending less time travelling
    • Hardware
      • Screens and speakers
      • Microphone
      • High bandwidth internet connection
      • A high quality computer which can process real time video
      • Software for the video conference to take part
      • Good quality video camera or webcam
    • Employee
      • Disadvantages
        • Less ability to ravel, see and experience the environment of colleagues or customers, which could help with further dealings
        • False atmosphere - may feel awkward infront of a camera
      • Advantages
        • Less time wasted
        • Less hassle of travelling to meetings
        • More time available for family and friends
    • Use
      • The ability to see and talk to one or more people in different locations at the same time using technology
      • Key users are often educational such as lessons giving to remote students or teachers
      • Business users may have video conferences within large companies or international clients
      • Doctors can communicate with their paitents as well as medical colleagues to help with research


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