Variations on Asch

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  • Variations on Asch and follow up experiments
    • Asch
      • Original: 1 participant, other confederates. 3 lines in comparison with similar line. Confederates chose wrong. 32% conformed unanimously, 74% conformed once, 26% never conformed.
      • Conformity 5% when participant had a companion who agreed with him. Other study partner deserted, 28.5%. When participant gained partner 8.7%
      • majority=2pple, 12.8%, 3 pple: 32%. Beyond 5 pple, no increase in conformity
      • mode of answer: when written on paper, conformity dropped sharply
    • Perrin+Spencer
      • replication using British engineering/maths/chemistry students. 1 conforming response out of 396. Courses made them resistant to conformity
      • Youths as participants +probation officers as confederates. conformity similar to Asch
    • Nicholson et al
      • compared conformity levels between British+American students. No significant changes
      • Compared British students 1981 with Americans 1952.Less conformity 1981
    • Crutchfield
      • Participants couldn't see each other in booths. All able to see card. In booths with switches. Lights indicated other answers (all same). 30% conformed. Conformity increased as tasks got harder
      • Individual differences: Participants business and military men on 3 day training course. High IQ, leadership=less conformity.


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