Variables affecting conformity

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  • Variables affecting conformity
    • Conformity, Asch's Line Study
      • Asch wanted to measure the strength of conformity effect using an unambiguous task
        • In the task, the participant had to say which of the lines A,B,or C matches the line X
      • Results-The participants conformed to the wrong answer 36.8% of the time
    • Asch identified a number of situational variables that influence the levels of conformity
    • Group Size
      • Asch's research indicated that a majority of three was enough to create conformity
      • The rate of majority increased as the size of the majority influence increased
    • Unanimity
      • Asch placed a confederate 2nd to last before the real participant was able to give their answer and instructed this confederate to give the correct answer. He discovered that conformity had dropped
      • Asch concluded that breaking unanimity would reduce conformity
    • Task difficulty
      • Asch made a difference between the lines lees obvious in one variation and found out that task difficulty increased and so did conformity


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