Social Influence

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  • Social Influence
    • Conformity:the tendency to change what we do, think or say in response to the influence of others
      • Factors affecting conformity
        • Size Of Majority
        • Task Difficulty
        • Unanimity
      • Types Of Conformity
        • Compliance: conform publicly but privately disagree.
        • Identification: people change their beliefs to fit in with a grouo, but change may only be temporary. They change their view publicly and privately.
        • Internalization the deepest type of conformity in which people change their beliefs permanently.
    • Obedience: following an order to carry out an action.
      • Situational variables affecting obedience
        • Proximity
        • Uniform
        • Location
    • Legitimacy Of Authority:the amount of social power held by a person, who gives an instruction.
      • We may obey people because we trust them or because they have the power to punish or harm us.
    • Agentic State:a person sees themselves as the agent of others and doesn't  hold responsibility for their actions.
    • The authoritarian personality.
      • Extremely obedient
    • Social Support and locus of control affect chances of resistance to social influence.


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