Uses of The Andes

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  • Uses of The Andes
    • Tourism
      • Machu Picchu (Ancient Inca City)
        • Walk Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu (4 day journey)
        • 5000 visitors a day in peak season
          • High Altitude, so its hard for tourists to breath
    • Mountain Climbers
      • Siula Grande (6000m)
        • -Almost vertical climb
          • Low Oxygen levels and Extreme Weather
            • They have Oxygen Tanks
              • And Equipment and Protectiion
    • Water from Glaciers is used for drinking in Lima (Capital City of Peru)
    • Aymara Indians are subsistence farmers in Altiplano
      • 4000m altitude, high of 12 Degrees Celcius,
        • Lack of rainfall and poor soil
          • rural-urban migration
          • Make Quinoa crop because they have good nutrition and fuel
    • Scientific Research
      • Cordillera Blanca
        • Melting Glaciers
          • Climate Change
            • Quelccaya Ice Cap (Quelccaya Ice Cap
        • Preserved Mummies
          • Anthropology


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