Case study-China's One Child Policy

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Countries from all over the world have different population policies some have very strict ones like China which entails sterilisation and forced abortions while others have very relaxed polices such as Saudi Arabia while others have no or very little force on the policies they create.

For example Niger in Africa has a very poor population policy as the population is rapidly increasing and there is no use of family planning due to a lack of medical and health care facilities while there is corruption and the poverty which mean  that these facilities are not provided. The religion of Islam and the culture of the nomadic/indigenous means that these people consider children as asset and large families are accepted in society. Poverty, religion and political issues means that Niger has no or very little family planning or education. 

Thailand has a very successful and easy going policy. Thailand promotes fewer children through the media and promotes the use of family planning and contraceptives. Families are often given information freely


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