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  • Does the US Constitution still work?
    • NO
      • The amendment process is too difficult, making it almost impossible to amend parts that are no longer applicable or to add parts that a majority desires.
      • The power of judicial review gives the Supreme Court too much power to 'amend' its meaning.
      • It is too negative, giving too much power to those who oppose change.
      • Some parts make little sense in today's society (e.g. The Electoral College).
      • Some parts don't work as the framers of the Constitution had envisaged (e.g. war-making powers).
    • YES
      • Federalism has proven to be an excellent compromise between a strong national government and state government diversity.
      • The demanding amendment process has usually prevented frequent and ill-conceived proposals for amendment.
      • The Supreme Court's power of judicial review has made it even more adaptable through 'interpretative amendment'.
        • Rights and liberties of Americans have been protected.


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