Merits of the constitution

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Merits of the constitution


  • Amendment process not too easy/not too hard to fulfil
  • Judicial review - to interpret depending on the time
  • Survived a civil war, two world wars, riots, civil disorder, impeachment of 2 presidents & recongntion of 3rd.
  • Robust and adaptive - ingenious blend of specificity and vagueness
  • Adaptive: emancipation of slaves (13th & 15th) & women (19th) Judicial review (8th amendment)
  • Federalism: same sex marriage.


  • Not sufficiently adaptable to the needs & wishes of US Modern government - electoral college
  • Divided government
  • Outdated: Amendment II
  • Too adaptive: 18th amendment to prohibit alcohol in 1919
  • Over expansion of powers
  • Who has the power?


The US constitution has survived the test of time. Although it may be difficult to amend the constitution, unlike in the UK, it can be changed - proof with 27 amendments. The Founding Fathers intended the constitution to be rigid as they were scared of tyranny. The Constitution WORKS!


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