government paper, The Constitution

Constitution facts

Define constitution

Designed to set out the rules and regulations within which governments can operate

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6 Advantages of a codified constitution?

  • Easy to understand
  • Condensed into a single document
  • Clear separation of powers
  • RIghts of citizens are entrenched e.g US Bill of Rights
  • Difficult to change - constitutional principles hard to change
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3 Disadvantages of a codified constitution

  • Necessary change can be difficult to achieve
  • Inflexible
  • May not be able to keep up to date
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How many times US constitution amended since 1900?

12 times

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How many times FDR use presidential veto?

635 times

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5 Sources of constitution?

  • Statute law, acts of plt.
  • Common law and Royal Perogatives
  • Works of authority
  • Conventions and treaties
  • Eu law
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E.g. EU case overruling UK law? when?

Factortame case 1990

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