Urban Transport Schemes in Lagos

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  • Urban Transport Schemes in Lagos
    • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
      • launched 2008
        • reduce congestion
      • lots of buses running
      • longer and wider buses
      • dedicated bus lanes
      • quality stations e.g. shelters
      • double deckers
      • priority at intersections
      • branding
      • Bus tunnels
        • more routes
      • platform level boarding
      • lots of bus routes (different)
      • off-board fare
        • no delay in buying tickets
      • provides separate lane for buses to travel times
      • 200,000 people use the service every day - 1/4 of all commuters in Lagos
    • Lagos Rail Mass Transit (RMT)
      • will eventually connect to new + existing airports
      • blue line completed 2017
      • will improve interconnectivity of city
      • plan = network of 7 new rail lines
      • part of wider Strategic Transport Master Plan for Lagos
        • includes
          • integrated transport system
            • road, rail + waterway networks link together
              • make jouneys easier
            • use of public transport from each stop depending on which is best for a particular route
              • less people in one place for transport
          • new waterway network of ferries
            • make better transport use of water areas around Lagos
              • no congested roads
          • better urban planning with mixed-use devlopment
            • e.g. residential + commercials
              • reduce number of journeys people need to make
          • new airport
            • on the Lekki Peninsula
              • further from congested urban area
                • spreads out people from the 2 sites(airports) in Lagos
          • better walking + cycling facilities
            • pavements for pedestrians
              • pedestrians won't be walking on road
                • of e.g. bus lane when selling stuff
          • Lagos Rail Mass Transit (RMT)
            • carry x7 passengers as BRT
              • improve interconnectivity of city
        • plan = network of 7 new rail lines
    • better urban planning (residential and commercial) to reduce the number of journeys
    • separate bus lanes
    • improved conditions for pedestrians and cyclists
    • long term plan = integrated system (road, rail and waterway networks)
    • Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA)
      • set up by Lagos state government
        • 2003
          • to improve transport in the city
            • one of 1st achievements = introduce BRT system on a north-south route from suburbs to CBD on Lagos Island
            • public transport system to be supplemented by large fleet of minibus taxis/'danfos'
              • carry 10-15 passengers
                • demand so high that they often carry 20-30


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