Urban Health

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  • Urban Health
    • The Problem
      • Increasing Population
      • Most live in densely populated areas
      • Land space not growing
      • Climate Change
      • City Planning management scheme money oriented
      • Environmental Impact Assessment does not look at quality of life or spill over effects
    • Origin-Destination Flow Framework (ODF)
      • People have origin, flow, destination
      • Need to know time in specific location and pollution level
      • Will find quickest and lowest polluted route
      • Highly flexible as can start simple then refine
      • Scalable in space and time
    • Study Site Southampton City
      • 51.8km
      • 245,000 people
      • LiDAR and RGBi used to see height of topography
      • RGBi detects leaves at 10cm height
      • Solar exposure calculated using Solar Analyst in ArcGIS to show shading
      • Can see where people are with census
      • Results can effect housing prices
      • Found no difference in ethnicity quality of life for origin or destination
        • However there is a difference in flow exposure rates


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