Work vs Home Mind Map

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  • Discuss whether employees should be permitted to work from home
    • Home
      • Benefits to employer
        • No physical location
        • Expenses are reduced
          • Insurance
          • Utility bills
          • Rent
        • Can operate with less employees
      • Benefits to employee
        • No travel expenses
        • Extremely flexible work hours
        • Comfortable environment
        • Reduced stress to get work done
        • Possible negative health effects of working from home
          • Risk of procrastination
          • Isolation and depression
          • Ability to communicate effective with other could be reduced
    • Work place
      • Benefits to employer
        • Able to manage employees
        • Employees can work on team projects more effectively
        • Ensures work is being carried out by employee
        • Increased security i.e sensitive data
      • Benefits to employee
        • Able to utilize company resources
        • Paid overtime
        • Possible benefits to health working in a workplace enviroment
          • Social interaction leading to improved mental well being
          • Motivation and support from other employees
          • More active with an increase in physical exercise


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