Notifiable diseases

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  • Notifiable diseases
    • Reported where?
      • Animal and Plant Health Agency
    • Notifiable disease: Cattle
      • Anthrax, blue tongue, foot and mouth, TB
    • Notifiable disease: Sheep and goats
      • Scrapie, sheep pox, goat, pox
        • Zoonoses : rabies, anthrax, TB, Newcastle disease
          • Anthrax, blue tongue, foot and mouth, TB
          • Newcastle disease, avian influenza
    • Notifiable disease: Poultry
      • Newcastle disease, avian influenza
    • Some diseases are notifiable: cost to the economy, animal and human health, public perception, reputation of country
    • LEGAL: Disease control
      • Slaughter orders, movement restriction, compulsory testing


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