Attachment types

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  • Attachment types
    • Type B: Secure
      • Explores happily, using primary caregiver (Mother) as a secure base
      • Stranger - Easily comforted, and not that anxious. Slightly warey, but friendly while mother is present.
      • Seperation - Mild/Moderate distress, but fairly easily comforted by stranger.
      • Reunion - Positive, shows joy at reunion with mother.
    • Type A: insecure avoidant
      • Explores - Explores, but doesn't interact with caregiver (Mother)
      • Seperation - Doesn't notice when caregiver leaves
      • Stranger - Indifferent, Not bothered at all
      • Reunion - No interest with caregiver, minimal contact.
    • Type C: Insecure Resistant
      • Explores - Doesn't explore, child is anxious, not happy, clinging to primary caregiver (Mother)
      • Stranger -Emotional. Usually either overly anxious or overly friendly towards stranger, at it has no clear boundaries.
      • Seperation -Very distressed, over-reaction.
      • Reunion - Child is angry at caregiver, goes to her but is angry, aggressive and rejecting, and is not easily soothed.


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