Piagets theory of cognitive development

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  • Piagets theory of cognitive development
    • Schema
      • An organised unit of knowledge of which we use to respond to stimulus
    • Adaption
      • Where a child's schema's are used to fit in with their experience of the world
    • Assimilation
      • applying new information to an existing schema
        • Pencil to pen
    • Accomodation
      • Changing or developing a new schema
        • modifying information of four legged animals by eliminating them as they are learnt, eg a cat has four legs but inst a dog
    • Equilibrium
      • a stage of cog balance where in coming information can we dealt with by existing information
    • Discovery learning
      • learning through active learning and constructive learning
    • Stage 1 - sensorimotor
      • Children interact through their senses
      • Develop object permanence around 8 months
      • Study with the toy under the blanket
    • Stage 2 - Pre-operational
      • ego centrism - develop the ability to see from another persons perspective
      • Three mountains task, 10 pictures
      • decentrate at age 7 ish
      • the intuitive period - conservation of mass
    • Stage 3 - concrete operational
      • develop mental operations to apply to real situations
      • reversibility
      • Class inclusion study with beads. some classes exist within other classes
    • Stage 4 - formal operational
      • can apply to abstract and unreal situations
      • reason hypothetically
      • flexibility in thinking
      • Weight lengths, can systematically logically reason


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