F325 - 1.1.2 - The Structure of Benzene

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  • F325 - 1.1.2 Structure of Benzene
    • Low Reactvity
      • Benzene does not take part in electrophilic addition due to the rapid equilibrium between Kekule's 2 proposed states.
        • C-C Bond Lengths of Benzene
          • C-C single bonds and C=C double bonds have different bond lengths.
          • Due to X-ray Crystallography it was discovered that all the C-C bond lengths were the same length:0.139 nm. This is inbetween the bond length of C-C and the bond length of C=C.
    • Hydrogenation of Benzene
      • The enthalpy change of hydrogenation of real benzene is much less than the predicted enthalpy change of Kekule's benzene model. This shows that benzene is much more stable than cyclohexane  which also helps us understand why it is much less reactive than other alkanes.


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