Types of muscle fibres

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  • Types of Muscle Fibres
    • Slow-twitch fibres
      • contract slower & provide less powerful contractions
      • Adapted to endurance work, ie marathon
        • More common in eg calf muscles
      • Adapted to aerobic respiration
        • Avoid a build up of lactic acid
      • Adaptations of S-T-F
        • Large store of myoglobin (stores O2)
        • supply of glycogen to provide a source of metabolic energy
        • rich supply of blood vessels to deliver oxygen & glucose
        • numerous mitochondria to provide ATP
    • Fast-twitch fibres
      • Contract more rapidly
      • Produce powerful contractions but only for a short period
      • Adapted to intense exercise, ie weight-lifting
        • Common in muscles such as biceps
      • Adaptations of F-T-F
        • thicker & more numerous myosin filaments
        • high conc of enzymes involved in anaerobic exercise
        • store of phosph-creatine
          • rapidly generate ATP from ADP in anaerobic conditions
            • provide energy for muscle contraction


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