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Types of Muscle

Muscle Structure

Muscles are composed of elongated cells forming fibres.
All muscles contract and relax as they produce a force on contraction as they contain
filaments made of the proteins actin and myosin.
Types of Muscle
o Involuntary (Smooth muscle) muscle
o Cardiac muscle
o Voluntary (Striated/Skeletal…

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o Contract feebly but conduct electrical impulses and control the rhythmic
Some cardiac muscle fibres are capable of stimulating contraction without a nerve
impules, they are myogenic. However neurones of the autonomic system carry impulses
to the heart to regulate the rate of contraction. Sympathetic stimulation increases its

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1. Circular smooth muscle contracts to reduce the diameter of the blood vessel but
when relaxed, the blood vessel increases in diameter. The dilation is done

Muscle Type Structure Function

Made of individual muscle
cells in rows with
(Atrial, Ventricular and Myogenic; regulated by
intercalated discs and…


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