Types of memory

types of memory.  there is information on the use of memory and the important of memory size on another mind map.

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  • Types of memory
    • There are 2 main types of memory - ROM and RAM. These 2 types of memory are stored on chips and are available to the CPU. memory is called primary storage.
    • RAM(random access memory) - a fast temporary memory. it is held on a computer chip, called volatile memory as the contents disappear when the power is turned off. read/write so can be altered by the user.
    • ROM(read only memory) - fast permanent memory. held on a computer chip. called non-volatile memory as it doesn't lose its contents when the power is turned off. used to hold instructions to start the computer. contents can't be altered by the user
    • Printer buffers - printer memory used to store print jobs that allows users to go onto another piece of work or log off before their work is printed.
    • The importance of memory size
      • Units of memory and storage
      • why you need to know about file sizes
      • the demands made on memory by modern software
    • Use of memory in computer and mobile devices


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