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  • Backing/ secondary storage devices and media
    • CD-R (CD-Recordable) - CD-R allows data to be stored on a CD, but only once. It is ideal for the backing up of data or for storing digital music.
    • CD-RW(CD-Rewriteable) - A CD-RW disk allows data to be stored on the disk over and over again. Transfer rate is less and the time taken to locate a file is greater than a hard drive. The media is not as robust as a hard drive.
    • DV-RAM(Digital Versatile Disk - Random Access Memory) - DVD-RAM drives allow repeated storage and erasure of data so they act a bit like a hard drive but the disks cannot be used with all DVD drives.
    • DVD - R (DVD-Recordable - DVD-R allows data to be stored on a DVD, but only once.  It is ideal for the backing up of data, for storing digital music or for storing a film.
    • DVD+RW(DVD+Read/Write) - A DVD+RW drive can be used to write to as well as read data from a DVD.  DVD-RW called DVD burners because they are able to be written to.  Typical storage capacities are: 4.7Gb for older DVDs, 8.5 Gb for latest DVDs.
    • Flash memory, card drives and memory cards - Memory cards are the thin cards you see in digital cameras.  They are ideal storage media for photographs but can also be used for storing other types of data.


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