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iGCSE ICT notes 2.2

Input devices
Device Advantages disadvantages
Light pens More accurate than Problems with lag when drawing on
touchscreens screen
Small so can be used where Only work with CRT monitors
space is an issue Not very accurate when drawing
Easy to use
Graphics tablets Possible to modify…

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iGCSE ICT notes 2.2

Tried and trusted technology can be swapped around on items
When an item price is changed,
only the central database needs
to be updated
Keyboard fast entry of new text into a users with limited arm/wrist use can
document find keyboards hard to use
well-tried and…

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iGCSE ICT notes 2.2

particularly useful for people The signal between the control and
with disabilities the device can be easily blocked
Some chemical processes are
toxic, so it is safer to operate
equipment from a distance.
Joysticks It is easier to navigate round a It is more difficult to…

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iGCSE ICT notes 2.2

magnetic stripe reader
Data is more secure, since it is
easier to copy information on a
magnetic stripe than it is to
copy information on a chip
Chip and pin readers Chip and PIN readers provide a Since the customer types in the PIN,
more secure…

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iGCSE ICT notes 2.2

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