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iGCSE ICT notes 2.2
Input devices
Device Advantages disadvantages
Light pens More accurate than Problems with lag when drawing on
touchscreens screen
Small so can be used where Only work with CRT monitors
space is an issue Not very accurate when drawing
Easy to use
Graphics tablets Possible to modify drawings More expensive
before they are input
Very accurate
Sensors More accurate than humans Faulty sensors can give spurious
Continuous readings results
Can be automatic ­ no need for
Microphones Faster to read in text than type Sound files can use up a lot of
Can improve safety ­ voice computer memory
recognition Voice recognition is not as accurate as
Webcams Can be left on constantly Limited features
Allow people to keep in contact Picture can be poor quality
with each other without travel Need to be connected to the computer
Digital cameras Better quality pictures than a Some artistry lost due to Photoshop
traditional camera Resolution not as good as traditional
Easier and faster to upload cameras
pictures to the computer Images often need to be compressed
No need to develop film Image files a big, especially good
Easy to delete a photo from the quality ones
Memory cards can hold
hundreds of pictures
MICR devices Greater security than OCR since Only certain characters can be read
the printed characters cannot More expensive
be altered
No manual input
If the magnetic ink characters
are written over, they can still
be read
OCR readers Fast data entry Has difficulty reading handwriting
No manual data entry ­ no Not a very accurate technique
human error
OMR devices Fast way of inputting results of Forms need to be carefully designed
something like a survey There can be problems if the forms
No typing ­ accurate haven't been filled in correctly and
OMR is more accurate than OCR sometimes have to be manually
Barcode readers Faster than keying in data Relatively expensive due to everything
manually in the shop needs a barcode
Can improve safety Staff training is needed
Enable automatic stock control The system is not foolproof ­ barcodes
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GCSE ICT notes 2.2
particularly useful for people The signal between the control and
with disabilities the device can be easily blocked
Some chemical processes are
toxic, so it is safer to operate
equipment from a distance.
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